Ruby red heels standing at the start of the yellow brick road

The Road to Coding Ruby Begins

In April, my mom sent me an article about a “coding bootcamp,” a quick fix coding school working to close the gap between web developer demand and supply without the typical 4 year computer science degree.

I was on my way to Coachella so I flagged it and went back to tying feathers in my hair.

Soon enough, my dad was on the bootcamp bandwagon, flooding my inbox with links to different schools, spreadsheets of their pros and cons and many links to quora forms discussing the subject.

So I put down my sunblock and opened the emails. I was happily surprised by mom and dad’s research on these new programming schools.

Starting a new journey

Coding bootcamp is web developer school on a ridiculously fast track, aiming to produce the kinds of engineers and designers that are in high demand by thousands of companies around the world. Think computer science degree but instead of four years, it only takes 9-12 weeks, and instead of becoming a computer scientist with not much knowledge of web languages, the curriculum is focused on web application development, which is what online companies (like Google) and other companies looking to grow their e-commerce (like Target) are looking for, so it’s a very lucrative program.


Career Change Time

After graduating college I worked in social media marketing where I grew increasingly interested in the programming side of the work that I was doing. I couldn’t commit to another four years of school though, and I didn’t know if it would be worth the loans I would have to take out in order to go. So coding bootcamp sounded like a perfect fit for me.

Now I’m halfway through the program and finally getting around to making my official blog. Lots of updates and changes will be up over the next week!

Feel free to contact me if you’re thinking of going to a coding school and have any questions or let me know if there are any specific blog posts you’d like to see!

– Becca