Sass + Foundation

SCSS/Compass/Sass Lesson w/ Matt:


– mixins act like functions

– can use math (times 2, darken/lighten by percentage = site color scheme!)

-bourban is like a more lightweight version of compass

@extend = like a mixin but doesn’t take arguments, just puts all stuff inside the element

–> helps to keep organized and cut down on the madness of normal CSS

symantic markup matches up with

thematic styling, can be changed in one place (themes!!!!)


.css.scss files are suped up css files, still work like normal css

Bootstrap and Foundation

– composable set of elements you can use

– Twitter Bootstrap built with LESS (just a diff preprocessor, less functional than Foundation).

Foundation built on SASS, which is default of Rails, easily can be revamped.

3 thoughts on “Sass + Foundation

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