Deploying an App to Heroku


Instructions for getting your ROR site online (from new local project to accessible to anyone, online)

1. Set up your new site + your git repo

rails new [name of rails app]
rails g scaffold [name of model] [name of table column]:[type of input(string/integer/text)]
rake db:migrate

2. Get a thing going on Heroku

heroku create [pass name if you want / wait to see cool name Heroku comes up with]

3. Connect with git?

git push heroku master

Convert app databases from SQLite to PostgreSQL

Some resources:

Rails 4 on Heroku – Heroku’s documentation on running Rails 4 applications.
Railscast – Migrating to PostgreSQL – The Railscast screencast covering migrating an app to PostgreSQL.
12 Factor Apps – The manifesto of Heroku’s 12 Factor App philosophy.

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