Thought leaders and experts in their fields share advice on how to turn different ideas into ca$h money.

Successful business leaders in Austin share their entrepreneurial success stories.

Highlights from MakerStory Interviews…

About once a week, we spend an hour with entrepreneurs in Austin, who tell us their struggle and success stories and answer our questions about their pasts and our futures.

PS: This is a first draft as I’m taking notes during the Week 8 interview. The other interview notes and of course pics will be up soon. -promised on 10/22

Week 8: John Cunningham & Chris Chilek

Intro: Founders (originally pick a prof)
-search, find out how they grade, write a review (needed approval by John and Chris)
-qualitative + quantitative data on professors

Advice and Info on being an entrepreneur and working for a startup:
“I want to start a company, I want to be the president!”
“You know you’re the janitor too, right?”
“No reason you can’t have a day job to pay your bills and also work on your business model and code for getting in front of an Angel’s List investor or such. The barrier of entry now, is lower than ever. Would give anything to be in your shoes…and be ten years younger. ” – John

-Microsoft mentality in the beginning
–> paid subscriptions, not quite right for this type of site
-When running into problems is natural to think that they’ll get worked out, keep pushing harder, but can and will quickly run into issues that end up costing more than if the the issue was addressed (with the client/higher ups/investors) sooner.

Test and Measure
“Seems obvious, but you’d be surprised.” -Chris
-test with programmers in the space
-test with the appropriate businesses
-measure interest among the consumer

Everyone should read:
The Lean Method &

What do you look for when hiring [an intern in programming]:
“Complete lack of a personal life and ability to fit in small spaces.”
-client-facing expectations
-product-building expectations
-work hard, play hard environment for all employees with the W2O Group
-What are you learning right now? (should always be learning)

Both agree on the value of being open, honest and authentic. Chris said something like, “The difference between an employee of value and a 9-5 person is being open and honest. Goes a lonnnnng way.”

Week 7: Q Beck Founder of Famigo

Week 6: Perry Founder of Nicely Noted

Week 5: Jagath Narayan Founder of Ordoro

Week 4: Bob Metcalfe, Ethernet Inventor

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