Week 1

Wednesday: HTML/CSS Basics
Wednesday: Understanding CSS Floats
Wednesday: Build a Portfolio Page
Thursday: CSS Display
Thursday: Implementing Designs
Friday Evaluation

Tuesday: Git Basics
Wednesday: Ruby 101
Thursday: Class in session
Friday: Library Project

Week 2

Monday: Javascript Basics
Tuesday: Javascript Functions
Wednesday: Javascript Objects
Thursday: Javascript Arrays and TemplatesIndividiual Exercise Solutions
Friday: Friday Project
Monday: Ruby from Scratch
Tuesday: Keeping it Classy
Wednesday: Ruby Testing, part 1 Solution
Thursday: Ruby Testing, part 2 Solution
Friday: Friday Evaluation

Week 3

Monday: Javascript Prototypes
Monday Homework: Code Diagram
Tuesday: Javascript Scopes
Wednesday: Review
Thursday: Backbone Views

Monday: Ruby review session Homework: World Wide Web
Tuesday: HTTP in Action
Wednesday: Playing with Sinatra Solution
Thursday: APIs, Sinatra and You
Friday: Collaborating with Git

Week 4

Work on Hackathon Projects

Tuesday: Rails: Routes, Controllers, and Views
Wednesday: Rails: Params, Models, and the Rails Console
Thursday: Rails: Models, ActiveRecord, and Migrations Solution
Friday: MeTube Project

Week 5

Monday: Javascript Review: Part 2
Tuesday: Backbone Events
Wednesday: Backbone Review
Thursday: Backbone Models
Friday: Stock Price Updater

Monday: REST: Index and Show actions
Partner work
Indi work
Tuesday: Haml
Partner work
Indi work
Wednesday: REST: New and Create actions
Partner work
Indi work
Thursday: REST: Edit, Update and Destroy actions
Partner work
Indi work

Week 6

Monday: Backbone Review: Reloaded
Partner work
Indi work: repeat lesson alone
Wednesday: Backbone Collections
Partner work
Indi work:
Exercises 18-21
Friday: Shopping Cart

Monday: Active Record Associations, Part 1
Partner exercises-went well
Indi work: Repeat lesson alone
Wednesday: Active Record Associations, Part 2
Partner exercises-went really well
Indi work – review show and view code
Thursday: Model Methods
Partner work:
Exercises 17-24
Indi work: 3 parts
Friday: Restaurant Menu

Week 7

Monday: Rails Asset Pipeline
Tuesday: Sass and Foundation
Wednesday: Responsive Design
Thursday: Backbone on Rails

Monday: User Authentication
Tuesday: File Uploads
Wednesday: Action Mailer
Thursday: Ajax in Rails

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