Day 4: The Library Project

Why Syntax Matters…

Friday, September 6th

Friday, September 6th

If you think that’s bad, you’re not a programmer. Syntax is one of the most annoying parts of learning to code because it’s so minor!  Yet, we waste hours trying to understand why our code doesn’t work. The better you know your basics, the easier it is to spot the simple mistakes like the misplaced apostrophe in the picture above.

BUT if you are like I was at the end of Week 1, you don’t know your basics well enough to differentiate minor syntax mistakes from major logic lapses. Cue the daunting Library Project:

Build a library. Let users checkout books for one week and tons of other crazy features.

Good news, the front end project was simple and easy: rebuild a website from scratch.


– Front end rebuild
– Made new friends
– Outlined logic of the library mess
– Spent over an hour trying to push to Git Hub
Wait, that last one isn’t an accomplishment but it did happen!

what are your thoughts?

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