Day 19: Hackathon



But how? Nothing like 7 days of coding and no sleep to realize you know nothing. My partner and I were way under prepared for our project. We didn’t know how to proceed – try to learn some basics better first? dive in? copy code? use sinatra? javascript? firebase? ruby?

Our plan was to create a simple, engaging game to help teach ruby to newbies. Something we would have liked to play  to make learning the abstract fundamentals of object-oriented programming a little more familiar feeling.

We wanted it to have 3 questions and 3 skill levels. If a player could pass easy the player would advance to medium and then onto hard. And if the player answered incorrectly he or she would be asked a question of the next easiest level instead.

We came to find that a database was pretty necessary to make this but we couldn’t get a makeshift one together and so…we decided it was time for bed.

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