Day 34: Sunday Chillin

Sunday, October 6th

Sunday’s To Do List: 

– Finish blog clean up

– Finish posts:

–> 2, 9, 10, and 26 – 34

– Go back over Friday JavaScript project

– Review ROR lessons from the week (read over once)

– Laundry!!!!!!!!!

Sunday’s Did Do List: 

….wrote this post….

– got froyo

– looked at pictures of my cat from my mom

Just kidding!

– I also went back over my ROR lessons

– I attempted a different JavaScript project (tried to remake a Jennifer Dewalt app)

– Wrote about half of the above listed posts (still have #s 9-10, 26-27, 29-30)

– Cleaned up blog

– Went to dinner with a friend (some little bit of a social life is just called being sane)

what are your thoughts?

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