Day 37: Belated Blog Post

Wednesday Recap:

Wednesday, October 9th

Wednesday, October 9th

Back-end: Active Record has_many :through Associations
Yes! I like getting more in-depth with databases. It’s cool to see the whole system start to come together. Also, I often compare what I’m learning to how Nordstrom’s customer database system, Personal Book, must work.

I for sure feel bad for ever saying that Personal Book had flaws! It could call on relationships between sales people, customers, departments, brands, and reward card level PLUS it could place and track orders as well as send emails!

Front-end: Backbone Collections
Working through today’s lesson with my partner was really helpful. We took turns explaining everything – from what render does inside a model to how tasks move from user input to the taskListView drop down list.

Through pairing and discussing the code out loud I realized I actually understand Backbone. I don’t think I can write it without looking up a ton of examples and messing with the code for a while – yet. That seems fair though.

After class: CSS Lesson 5:30-8pm
I’m not gonna pretend I wasn’t wiped out at this point. I’m not sure I even ate lunch this day, I think I fiddled with something from the indi work of the back-end lesson through most of the lunch hour. SO by 5:30 I was ready for a nap. But Elyse always brings enthusiasm to her lessons and it was an eye-opening couple of hours.

I thought I had a fantastic grasp of CSS. But Sass is another story. I checked out mentally once I realized it was so complicated. I really want to revisit when I have more energy.

After, after class: All night coding at MakerSquare w/ Amy (aka girl talk + coding + watched Revenge on the projectors)
We were having fun working on random projects and hanging out, so Amy and I decided to make a night of it.

We got about an hour or so of sleep and maybe 5 lines of coding done… But Revenge was way better on the dual projectors!

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