Day 39: Creating Real Apps

Restaurant Menu Meet Shopping Cart

Friday, October 11th

Friday, October 11th

Friday Projects took an exciting turn today. Both back-end and front-end projects were aimed at building applications that we’ve all used and we all could actually use in our careers after MakerSquare.

Exciting? Obviously.

Scary? Yeah! Um, like who knew we were officially at this point already?

Below are the basic reqs for each project. The code / screenshots will probably be up on a project page by the end of the weekend.


List of menu items
Picture, Name, Price, Ingredient list, Linked, Add item link (goes to a form)
Linked view shows all parts of a menu item + a way for restaurant to access CMS to change the info and add ingredients via a form


Create a model named Product
Create a collection named Inventory
Create a collection named Cart
Create a global view called ProductView
This will display a single product using underscore templates
Create a list view called StoreView that will display all items in the store

what are your thoughts?

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