Day 49: Week 8 Partner

Only three weeks left…

Tuesday, October 22nd

Tuesday, October 22nd

My little world comes to an end in THREE WEEKS. It’s been so encompassing it’s weird (scary) to think about leaving it.

I don’t have a plan at for what I’ll do after boot camp…I’m not sure where I want to live or what company I want to work at in twenty something days.

Luckily, we’re working with a placement advisor this week to help us begin The Job Hunt.

Announcements are below and a new page is up with MakerStory interviews.

No lesson highlights today – we just worked on our debugging skills and continued building on our Hackathon projects.

Oh and my new partner is totally cool. I like the ‘partnering but not partnering’ thing we had going last week and are keeping with this week.


-Ladies Lunch
-myedu founder MakerStory @ 1
-Austin on Rails, using D3 JS library @ 6:30
-Ruby Noobies @ 6:30 on Wednesday

Class Structure:
-morning lessons
-afternoon final project work

3 Day Startup – match setter
-used rails composer–provides setup (devise,skeleton for mobile first, etc.)

what are your thoughts?

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