Day 10: Kinda Clueless

Off the beaten track…

Thursday, September 12th

Thursday, September 12th

Lol. I love Cher’s face in this pic. If you haven’t seen Clueless, 1) we’re obviously not friends and 2) go watch it right now!

My week with my advanced partner continued on with me making many faces like Cher’s.

Thursday was cool because we wandered off a bit from our bowling kata testing example in back-end class to make a mini database mimicking the one Nordy’s uses to store customer info, called Personal Book. My partner was super cool for going off the beaten track to help me learn using an example I requested could relate to.

I actually can’t remember front end…that’s not like me at all. I’ll have to look it up later (one day) and add when I can (one day).

what are your thoughts?

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