Day 11: Uneasy Ending

Friday Projects

Friday, September 13th

Friday, September 13th

Both were surprisingly straight forward and pretty easy. But not because I was suddenly a JavaScript or Ruby Kata genius. They were essentially duplicate exercises from earlier in the week and since my partner led me through the other lessons, I had the right code to refer to finish the Friday project fairly quickly.

I mostly worked through my Head First JavaScript book for slower-paced practice. I’m not sure it was helpful. The little group I worked with in the conference room had great energy. We all got to know each other, which was nice. But we all seemed a bit checked out from coding so all in all, I finished the week feeling as dizzy as I started it.

Turning Point

It took another week before I turned a corner and felt caught up. Things got worse before they got better, but it’s all part of the bigger picture.

what are your thoughts?

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