Day 15: Great Expectations

…were falling short…


Alright, so I honestly wasn’t loving bootcamp at this point. I had a set of expectations that wasn’t being met. It’s not necessarily fair to the program that I was feeling let down, but there were someways expectations could have been managed better, right?

Below is what I was most bothered about at the time. **Sidenote: most of these things have worked themselves out as of Week 6.
– Class seemed suddenly split into “advanced” and “beginner” and beginners weren’t getting any individualized training or attention.
– No update on the female scholarship program Skyping into schools around the country to inspire young girls to pursue technology.
– No communication about class schedules, curriculum plans or instructor availability.

Random notes about this day:

– I finally got going on my new twitter, @beccasheldon.
– The Hackathon was looming a few days away.
– Mentorship Night was the night before. My mentor is a graduate from the first MakerSquare cohort. She now works mostly with JavaScript and loves her job.

what are your thoughts?

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