Day 16: Midweek Meltdown

Ugh. That really happened…

Wednesday, September 18th

Wednesday, September 18th

Met with my mentor for the first time. We went over some JavaScript but my real need was to feel like bootcamp would turn around and get better and morph into the cool, hackery, google-like, wear flip flops and play arcade games and code in teams environment that I was so set on it being.

That’s not quite the direction it went in.

I started crying, actually. I think more out of frustration and exhaustion than anything else.

But of course, there was some talk about starting a startup going on in the back-end room and right as it was ending I was melting. Ugh how annoying, right?!

When I did finally walk out there were a couple ladies from class standing outside. Both were incredibly understanding and encouraging. Nonetheless, I wasn’t going to get to a better state of mind until the following week.

what are your thoughts?

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