Day 22: Rails, At Last!

Week 4 was off to a great start.

Monday, September 23rd

Monday, September 23rd

1) Because of some confusion I didn’t have a morning partner. YES!

2) Because a newer instructor was running the intro to rails classes he did a fantastic job making the material more approachable to newbs and he was big on continually checking in with everyone.

3) Because rails is awesome. Finally, the code got meaningful and out of the console. Yeya!

The second half of class

…was dedicated to perfecting our hackathon projects for the following week’s presentations at an event coined Demos and Drinks.

My partner and I were quickly rounded up by the teaching assistant who I had vented to in Week 3. He wanted to make sure we were on track.

Of course, it took 2 seconds to see we were not feeling on track. I don’t know where he found the energy to review 3 weeks of Ruby with us but we really appreciated the personal tutoring time. That alone made us both feel more connected to the course and helped us rededicate ourselves to learning to code well.

what are your thoughts?

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