Day 23: Week 4 Partner

Business as Usual

Tuesday, September 25th

Tuesday, September 25th

Things went back to normal and I had a new pair. I love that my new partner didn’t mind me taking notes and rereading direction. He was for sure quicker than me but we worked well together.

I spent lots of time at home throughout the week working to keep up on the lessons and redoing the parts I didn’t understand during class.

Back-end lessons were still focused on introducing Rails.

Front-end was still free time to perfect hackathon projects with our hackathon partners.

Triumph Track

Tuesday, September 25th

Tuesday, September 25th

My hackathon partner, Amy, and I were definitely feeling more enthusiastic about our programming futures. We were caught up on some Ruby basics that had been causing confusion in our code from Week 1. We were motivated and grateful for the extra individual help from one of the class teaching assistants.

We felt a bit of a shift in the coder-companion-continuum with our TA but it’s understandable. This kind of immersive learning environment can be very draining.

Still, Amy and I whittled away at our ruby hackathon game and we began reworking earlier practice exercises to re-instill our knowledge of the core concepts. The way objects, classes, methods, arrays, hashes and instance variables interact to affect a desired outcome can take months to grasp.

So, even though we felt behind, we were perfectly on track, if not ahead of most new programmers because we already had Git Hub skills and were learning other great professional coding practices.

I worked on Rails from home around 6pm. It was so much fun because I totally see how routes, controllers and views and obviously ruby code came together to quickly make profile page templates. This was more reinforcement that life at bootcamp was about to get really good.

*Personal note to self: caught with phone tag friend and felt much happier before going into tough tutoring sesh.

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