Day 24: Adventures in Rubyland!

What a week!

Thursday, September 27th

Thursday, September 26th

Okay, so rails was definitely the turning point for me. Class was going better. I was more confident and excited to code again.

But there was still the matter of our ruby hackathon project which we only had two days left to finish it.

My partner and I sat in the Nature Room and reworked our failing code until terminal glowed with our successful code…

The Hold Up:

User input had to be an integer but it was being processed as a string so it kept evaluating to incorrect and giving the user the “you failed” message.

I had convinced myself that the integer/string problem wasn’t real because it seemed too simple, so I kept trying other solutions.

The Fix Up:

Thursday, September 26th

Thursday, September 26th

Shout out to pair programming! When I finally mentioned the integer/string thought to my partner she exclaimed that had to be the problem, she added .to_i to our formula and off we went to Rubyland!

We were happy to have written the working code on our own and even happier to understand what we wrote.

what are your thoughts?

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