Day 26: 3 Girls Code

Being Disciplined Pays Off

Saturday, September 28th

Saturday, September 28th

Karinn, Amy and I all pushed ourselves to attend school on Saturday. We stayed ALL day. Until 11pm I think.

Of course, Amy and I took a break to redo notes on the whiteboards and added our unique brand of sunny charm to spice up the otherwise scraggly, boring scribble.

It made the room feel more like home the next week, so that was nice.

In terms of work – I got a ton done! Finished the Friday Rails project, made another Rails project, redid all of the Rails lessons from the week, including the ones I had already repeated. And I got organized on the assignments from the previous three weeks that were still unfinished.

I began working through those and was shocked to find that I could do them! Without panicking, without asking for help and without Googling for answers. Ha. Yeah right, of course I Googled for some help! But this time through, I understood the code in Stackoverflow – normally when I Googled for help I was left more dazed and confused than before I started. So things were going well and studying on a Saturday was now my zen plan for getting through bootcamp.

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