Day 27: Sparkly CSS Sunday

Building blocks of webpage design

Sunday, September 29th

Sunday, September 29th

MakerSquare mentor and CSS superstar, Elyse Holloday held an intro to CSS session in the afternoon on Sunday.

About two-thirds of the class came out for it and it was well worth the time.

Elyse taught us a few sweet tricks I hadn’t tried – like adding box borders instead of backgrounds when checking for correct flow, and she showed us the box-sizing CSS property for setting the total width / height of a box, instead of setting height, width, padding, etc individually and winding up with funky sizing and confusing calculations.

I also continued to work on my unfinished assignments from earlier in the course. This continued to go well and was a major confidence boost.

Plus!!!! Elyse knew my shoes (pictured on me below) were Jeffery Campbell Litas. And she wears Black Milk leggings. Yes! Cue instant girl crush.

Sunday, September 29th

Sunday, September 29th

All in all, I worked at MakerSquare for about 8 or 9 hours on Sunday. Went home and worked some more. The weekend’s work paid off; by Monday I finally felt on par with the rest of the class.  I was excited for the week ahead instead of intimidated, which made for great motivation.

what are your thoughts?

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