Day 28: Week 5 Partner

Almost Halfway Through…!

Monday, September 30th

Monday, September 30th

My new partner was a great match – fun, patient, and an overall good match for me.

Neither of us were big fans of JavaScript so it was lucky that front-end was mostly a JS review with some new backbone exercises thrown in.

At this point, I was good with JS scope (yay) but I was still struggling to understand how JavaScript comes together to create really lively web applications. Also, at this point most of exercises were getting us the habit of debugging and were not really aimed at creating applications.

Back-end began with CRUD testing. We would be testing all week but Monday was just the “Create” and “Read” processes.

It was a great lesson by Mike Ornellas. He’s always helpful and honestly strives to make sure we’re learning from the lesson.

I followed along through the lesson fine, but of course I need to practice it more to fully retain how it works.

what are your thoughts?

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