Day 31: Javascript’s Big Joke

Hands up if you add semicolons for good luck

Thursday, October 3rd

Thursday, October 3rd

I’m not in love with JavaScript or Backbone, I don’t feel excited about them the way I do with jQuery and now Rails.

Like, why is Backbone great? No clue.


Actually… Backbone speeds up a lot of processes and cuts way down on jQuery, which can get lengthy.

But I love knowing the pattern with jQuery – pretty much start everything off with a dollar $ign and you can fill in the parentheses later.

I guess I just need to practice JavaScript a bit more. I’d love to recreate some of Jennifer Dewalt‘s apps. They’re creative but also more complicated than you’d think!

My creativity doesn’t have much of an outlet lately.  I mean let’s face it, the command line or the Chrome console don’t inspire too much artistry.

The weird thing is that Javascript is a front end language – shouldn’t we be seeing more of its magic on screen in front of us?

what are your thoughts?

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