Day 32: Laughing Octo Duckling

Not a typical Friday…

Friday, October

Friday, October 4th

Our usual day of individual work was a bit thrown off because back end was a review lecture covering ruby testing from the week. Meanwhile, front end consisted of a normal Friday project – a javascript backbone stock price thing that updates the price in real time to reflect changes, without refreshing the page.

Ah, the simple online things we take for granted. This project took way more time than you would think.

On top of not being in the mood for another 3 hours separated from my friends who were in back end and made to work on old JavaScript, I had computer failure the day before. SO I spent a good portion of front end class just getting my dev environment up and running.

Back to the Octocat Chat…

Friday, October 4th

Friday, October 4th

During ROR (ruby on rails) review I broke my terminal (that cool thing that lets you talk to your  computer and is like, totally essential) .

I guess I authorized some process to delete a part of terminal and once it was completed I couldn’t get a new prompt line going. Not sure what led to that failure, but it was definitely distracting.

Still, I followed along as best I could during the review. I’m always better at the beginning of the week, after I’ve had my alone time and can process the week’s lessons without other people around. I mentioned before that I’m not a fan of pair programming when learning this much this quickly. I do just fine working in pairs otherwise.

Anyways, I hate not being able to chime in during open reviews but I let it be because I figured I’d ‘get ’em next time.’

Until I accidentally volunteered to live code.

I thought our instructor, Mr. Matt Buck, was looking for a headcount of who could convert erb view pages into haml pages, not someone who would do it.

I tried to disappear. Seriously. But slinking down and avoiding eye contact didn’t work.

Everyone, Matt especially, was way encouraging. Even though my vibe seemed nervous and awkward, and I mixed up spaces with tabs (which I knew haml hates!), it wasn’t so bad.

And I showed everyone a nifty sublime trick that quickly makes any element you want times infinity (or 1) using the tab key.

The best part was the reward of the above Octotocat chat sticker.  :)

what are your thoughts?

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