Day 43: Lackluster

It’s only Tuesday…

Tuesday, October 15th

Tuesday, October 15th

Long day. Up at 3am coding a Ruby on Rails app to help a classmate learn about men’s style. It’s not done but coming along. Looks neat.

I want to love today’s lessons and apply them to my own apps asap.

I want to, but I’m not doing so.

Class is back to being stressful with info overload again and I’m not sure that I am absorbing either back-end or front-end lessons.

Feel free to skip this post…or this week of posts and check back after hackathon!

Peace! -Becs

Lesson Highlights


Not super exciting but probably important to know in the real world, we learned how to use the Amazon cloud service to store photos uploaded by users of our ROR site.


Sass/SCSS/Foundation/I thought this was my thing but was proven wrong.

Why is Foudation soooooo cool to everyone yet, I think it’s annoyingly complicated?

what are your thoughts?

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