Day 44: Spambot Land

Whaaaat’s happening!?

Wednesday, October 16th

Wednesday, October 16th

Where did the zen from Day 26 go?

Maybe it’s the gross, rainy weather. Maybe the general cohort energy is at a burnout point. Maybe it’s just me?

I don’t have a hackathon idea. I was left out of my assumed hackathon group – never make assumptions, right?  I don’t like any of the proposed ideas by groups needing members to join. I’m totally anti-everything at the moment.

It’s Wednesday and the Hackathon officially starts on Saturday.

What’s my plan??

Check back… Or better yet, send me some inspiration and ideas!

Lesson Highlights:

Back-end was super cool. We learned how to send auto emails!! So like when you subscribe to someone’s site (like J.Crew, for the emails that send you special promos) and then you get a welcome email a minute later – I can set that up! Check projects for a couple screenshots.

Front-end was also cool. I have wanted to learn responsive web design since Day 1, so it was a valuable lesson.

what are your thoughts?

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