Day 44: Stacks on stacks on stacks…

Fullstack web dev in progress…

Friday, October 18th

Friday, October 18th

Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, ERB, HTML, CSS, JSON, Haml, XML, AJAX…

…all in one lesson. Plus these newish um, things? platforms? gems? languages? It’s getting a bit blurry…

AJAX: Asynchronous JavaScript And XML

Cool things it does:

-Instant gratification! See comments, or other submitted info appear on page right after clicking submit and without having to hit refresh.
-Probably some other things

jQuery-ujs: Uunobtrusive jQuery Scripting adapter…?

Cool things it does:

-Confirmation dialogs
-Make forms/ hyperlinks submit asynchronously with Ajax;
-Auto disable form submit buttons to prevent double-clicking

Lesson Highlights:


-Made our ROR app, Ativa, more user-friendly and modern
–>Users can add projects to the page and see them right away, without having to refresh!


Similar to back-end, we added features to a site that allow the user to add and view comments on a forum right away. We used the same languages as back-end.

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