Day 45: Comfort Zone

Hackathon game plan…

Friday, October 18th

Friday, October 18th

I was (thankfully) invited to work with a great group for the Hackathon.

I was hesitant at first, unsure of my ability to contribute to the team and also a bit intimidated by the project – building a social network to connect college kids with each other in a crowd-sourced, campus tutoring-type environment.


Social media is my realm.

Making a social network is not.

Working with faster, more advanced developers…out of comfort zone for sure. But let’s get real, the real world doesn’t care about my comfort zone and bootcamp is the time to push myself.

So here’s to stepping out…

Lesson Highlights

Back-end: Deploying to Heroku – had trouble with postgres, need to redo

Front-end: Backbone + Devise – very cool for real time logging in, also need to do again

what are your thoughts?

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